The Petrova Dream Team® was conceptualized and founded by two friends and business partners (Monica Vila & Nadia Petrova). Created in 2009 the concept behind the company was to create unique business and marketing ventures related to the tennis industry while also branching out into creating awareness for various charitable organizations. Our services and philosophy will be broadcast on a Global spectrum while focusing its major efforts close to home, in South Florida and the greater Miami area.

Through the guidance and wisdom of Nadia Petrova and Monica Vila’s years of real world experience around the world, the Petrova Dream team will educate and assist in managing all facets of the Tennis Industry and its players.

The Petrova Dream Team® also acts as a holding company for potential business ventures ranging from the education of future tennis stars through the Petrova Academy, to the design and development of clothing for tennis and other areas of the fashion industry, and lastly branching out to aiding new and professional tennis players in media handling and general publicity management.

The future is bright for The Petrova Dream team® as we are constantly searching for alternative methods on improving all aspect of the tennis industry while continuing to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, technology and standards. We look forward to potentially working with you or your company in the future. We invite you to surf through our Blog section and keep up to date on the latest news on Nadia and The Petrova Dream team® .